The “Carrotavolo”

It was essential for families staying at the agritourism to have a place where they could seek shelter on hot summer days, when the sun is relentless.

So we decided to use a corner of the park as a shelter where people could sit in the shade, maybe to eat some fruit fresh from the tree.

Naturally, we had to come up with a table, benches, and a shelter.

The shelter was the easy part: four wooden pillars to support a structure which, in turn, supported the reed panel.

The table and benches were a bit more complicated.

Enrico comes from a family of farmers renowned for never throwing anything away. As a result – and luckily for us – the farm warehouses contained some old and abandoned carts, once used to collect tobacco.

Enrico and his trusted carpenter took one of these old carts, made benches and rebuilt the platform of the cart, which had become ruined.

The wood they used was from the old cart side panels, which Enrico’s father had carefully stored. These were made of good hardwood, very suitable for withstanding the weather.

The result was, therefore, this area near the barbecue was complete, with a roof, benches, and what we have called the CARROTAVOLO [cart table], where you can rest your food after taking it off the barbecue.

Il carrotavolo apparecchiato per l'aperitivo al tramonto
The Carrotavolo

In winter, we easily move the CARROTAVOLO indoors, and use the benches in the Corte Vecchia.

But in spring we put everything outside again, ready to provide our guests with a pleasant place to meet.

It is not uncommon for our guests – strangers to one another – to end up setting times to meet at the CARROTAVOLO, set the table, and as many as twenty people sit and enjoy a pleasant evening together.

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