The Hall for Groups

In the central part of the ancient buildings at Borgogelsi there is a large and roomy space we call Corte Vecchia.

In this building, which was once a barn, we have created a few rooms.

There is the actual group hall. Here, carts loaded with hay would once pass through, offloading the hay for storage upstairs – this is why the heights are so impressive.

To echo its former vocation, we have kept two ladders – one of which is very tall, eight metres – both resting on the wall that divides the halls.

The hall is used by guests when they want to get together for group activities.

This is typically a lunch or dinner, but these are not the only options. For example, in September the Municipality of Sanguinetto organises an international music award, the Zinetti award.

During this event, we often have hosted musicians who, taking advantage of the excellent acoustics in the hall, meet to rehearse and rehearse some more before the competition.

Connected to the hall, in the place where the cows used to stay, there is a large space for the reception, a relaxation area with comfortable armchairs and a large bathroom available to guests.

Here there is a classic scooter from the 1950s on display, perfectly restored, with certification from ASI, which used to belong to Enrico’s father.

It is an MV Agusta 125 OVUNQUE, one of the few MV scooter models, so it is quite rare.

Enrico loves to reminisce about when he was thirteen and used to race this amaranth red motorcycle with his friends from the town around the country lanes.

Then, as often happens with kids, he had the brilliant idea of taking it apart entirely to see how it worked. Needless to say, a lot of the parts were lost in the process.

Fifty years later, Enrico felt it his duty to restore his old motorcycle, the companion of so many happy days.

It was not an easy job, the parts were very hard to find, but Enrico – stubborn as he is – travelled half the country in search of original parts, and slowly managed to bring it back to life.

The result is now shown in the hall in Corte Vecchia at Borgogelsi.

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