The Apartments

Discover the apartments

Here, I will summarise the reasons why our 6 apartments are truly special:

  • They are brand new, comfortable and silent, and each one covers 52 square metres.
  • They are surrounded by greenery, in a place of great relaxation and privacy.
  • They are all located on the ground floor, overlooking the great park that is growing in the front, and on fields that stretch as far as the eye can see.
  • They are ideal for children, with large green spaces and a large swimming pool.

The 6 apartments available are: Verde, Azzurro, Pistacchio, Arancio, Blu and Moka. They are all contained in the new technological and green building that my husband Enrico designed and built.


They are brand new, comfortable, efficient, heated and lit by a solar heating system and a photovoltaic system. The seventh room in the building is a service room, where we keep everything we need for the rooms. It also contains the solar heating system that captures the sun’s energy, stores it, and uses it to heat water for the rooms. You are immediately warm in winter, and you wouldn’t believe how cool it is in summer.


They all have the same price. They all have the same view: the park that is growing in front. On the back, they all watch the sunset over the same fields, in the never-ending cycle of the seasons. Here, there is nobody who pays less and gets a view of the motorway. Here, there is nobody who, in order to save, settles for suffocating in a few square metres.


Each apartment covers 52 square metres. Yes, you read that right.
All the apartments have the same floor plan: a very big room for the living area, containing a kitchen, a large round table and two sofa beds. A large bedroom containing a double bed or twin-beds and a comfortable wardrobe. An ample bathroom where you don’t knock into doors edges. Instead, there is a lot of space to move around. All our rooms are large, well-lit by the sunlight, and with enough air to breath. Our 6 apartments all have the same floor plan.

Pianta appartamento vacanze Borgogelsi
The plan of each of our six apartments


All the apartments are on the ground floor, with a spacious and comfortable entrance, and a second French door to help add light to the rooms. Two of the apartments have a bathroom fitted for disabled guests, and wheelchairs can enter and move around comfortably.

In the sunlight

All the apartments have a nice flower bed in the front, with lots of herbs. Since they are my joy (together with roses), I will list them all: thyme, santolina, oregano, myrtle, laurel, lavender, rosemary, and Pittosporum. Additionally, there is a comfortable relaxing space where you can lie down and watch the green park or read in peace.
If you have children or a dog, then that is the right place for playing and having fun in the open air.