The barbecue

Some of our first guests, in the spring, were travelling employees working for a company in the nearby village of Nogara.

These guys left Borgogelsi every morning and returned late every afternoon.
After a few days, because the setting suited it so much, they asked if they could bring a portable barbecue and some coal so they could have a barbecue when they returned from work.

I naturally said that it would be no problem, and that in fact it suited the spirit of Borgogelsi completely.

After that I thought that, actually, this would be a pleasant and typical service to offer all guests.

Enrico belongs to a family of farmers who are notorious for never throwing anything away, with the result that the farm warehouses are full of old agricultural machinery, bits of metal, and a large quantity of unused items.

The fact is that every time we need something new – be it a table or a barbecue – Enrico, the creative one, heads purposefully towards the warehouses and comes out with pieces of metal and all sorts of other equipment.

Everyone rejects his ideas – I’m usually the first to do so. But Enrico is far-sighted, refuses to be discouraged, and from a heap of junk he can already envision a finished barbecue with the fire burning inside it.

So the next day Enrico took two “cages”, gave them a substantial coat of rustproofing, and set four large slabs of Verona stone on top for the base of the barbecue.

It would be best, here, to explain what we mean by “cage”: it was an old agricultural tool made up of a wheel-shaped iron frame that was accompanied by and bolted to the wheels of the tractor, this made it possible to distribute the weight of the tractor over a larger surface area, to avoid compacting the soil during agricultural work.

Once the base of the hearth in Verona stone was finished, we had the problem of how to protect the fire from the wind. The solution was an iron structure that Enrico closed with fire brick walls, between which the fire could burn freely. Above, as a hood, he positioned the bottom of a concrete cistern that was once used as a tank for grape must.

In just a few days, the barbecue was ready and the guys (our guests) could cook their succulent pork chops.

The structure is very solid, and our guests appreciate it. They find it quite original – of course, it’s unique!

I must say it is a real pleasure for our guests to get together around this strange object, light a fire, and enjoy a wonderful time between glasses of wine and barbecued meat.

For vegetarians, it is worth pointing out that the vegetables collected from the garden can also be cooked on the barbecue, turning your meal into a “FARM-TO-TABLE” barbecue.

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