Our History

Our apartments are located on a piece of land that belonged to Enrico’s family. Him and his brothers have a large agricultural business and this place – which we called Foresteria Borgogelsi, is the result of a project and a dream.

Enrico loves this land and can see its potential. I often tell him he has visions, because he imagines things and then, stubborn as he is, he brings them to reality, even without my agreement.

His visions are something that I did not immediately understand. I was a broker in the insurance field. You must understand, the world view is quite different. For me, everything was either black or white.

Enrico’s visions, on the other hand, are multicoloured, and they grow fast and strong, often becoming reality right before my eyes. In spite of me – that’s what I say when I get angry. Because for him it is said and done, while for me it is all about planning and following trends and matching thoughts.

I am the one that tells the story, he is the one that acts. And that is why, here too, I am the one talking.

This wonderful place that we are creating is also a dream of my own. When I was a child I longed to live in the country. I loved the flowers, and the idea that one day – perhaps – I would do a manual work, surrounded by earth and plants.

Now, earth surrounds me abundantly: I drive the tractor, I cut the grass, I plant roses that grow twice as fast as normal because this soil is so fertile, and all it is waiting for is to be loved.

I also have a little secret: flower arranging. I taught myself – no formal courses. I walk around the countryside and collect apparently insignificant branches, berries that not even the birds want, and leaves the wind has forgotten. Then I add flowers and colours and I create harmonies that help me to regain my balance where I have lost it.

They cure my soul. This is also the time that I truly encounter what, from the inside, drives Enrico never to stop.

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