The Swimming Pool

This is definitely the service most appreciated by children, and therefore by mothers too, and it is a pleasure to see them running around the pool and diving in, tirelessly, for hours.

The swimming pool, umbrellas and loungers are free to use. If you need to, you can rent a pool towel at a small charge.

Free Umbrellas and Loungers

The swimming pool is rectangular, about eight metres by ten, and 1 metre and forty centimetres deep.

On the northern and southern sides there are three large stairs that make it possible not only to enter the water gradually, but also to sit comfortably and enjoy the cool water.

The sandy colour of the walls and bottom, in summer, blends with the blue of the sky and creates emerald green reflections.

Next to the swimming pool there is an area, of equal size, where we had real river sand brought in.

Here, children can make sand castles and grown-ups can play beach volleyball.

Not far away, a flower bed and a hut made of recycled wood watch over the swimming pool.

On the meadow, there are a few large umbrellas, and comfortable wooden and iron loungers to tan, read and relax.

I often see guests, during their stay at Borgogelsi, take bring aperitifs or midday snacks to the poolside and enjoy them under the umbrellas or next to the large plane tree that towers over the swimming pool.

Piscina all'aperto nella natura Borgogelsi

When our guests return to Borgogelsi after visiting the nearby cities of art (Verona, Mantua, Montagnana, etc.), they often enjoy a swim in the pool during the final hours of daylight.

In spring and summer, the pool becomes a place of interaction between guests.

Even the most reserved and discreet guests tell me that, while keeping their distance, they actually appreciate the vitality and energy that comes from the pool area.


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