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Percorso cicloturistico vicino l'agriturismo

We have about a dozen bicycles available to guests, with which they can take picturesque rides in the countryside surrounding Borgogelsi.

The first tour that I would like to suggest is a route that finally leads to the Busatello swamp.

This route covers about 15 km, completely surrounded by the Verona countryside.

Just outside of Borgogelsi, immediately after crossing the Tregnon canal, you pass the San Bartolomeo Oratory on the left-hand side.

It is worth briefly mentioning this little country church.

It used to belong to my family and, in the 1950s, my mother and father were married there.

In fact, the religious complex was part of the estate where Borgogelsi now lies.

Just a few years ago, it was passed on to a foundation that saw to restoring it, and now manages its preservation.

The church is still currently consecrated, so religious functions are still held there on a regular basis.

The bicycles for our guests
The bicycles for our guests

The San Bartolomeo Oratory is, in my opinion, an effective example of good preservation of our historic and architectural heritage.

After pedalling for about twenty minutes, you come to the Busatello swamp.

The area, covering about fifty hectares, is what is left of the great swamps of the valleys of Verona area.

Entering here, you can immerse yourself entirely in the environment which – due to the reclamation work carried out – is now almost entirely gone, but until about a hundred years ago covered the entire territory.

It is possible to see large areas entirely covered by carex and enormous expanses of reeds.

This is a very important purple heron and western marsh harrier nesting ground.

Here, we can see swamp turtles and viviparous lizards, as well as newts and catfish.

Another bicycle ride worth mentioning is the one that leads us to Sanguinetto, which is located a few kilometres away, to stop and sip a glass of “bianchetto” [white wine] at a bar opposite the impressive castle. Continuing for another five kilometres, you come to Cerea, and here we can reach Cadelago, to visit villa veneta Dionisi.

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